Motivation. Momentum. Mindset. Part 2

In part one, we defined your experience of motivation and had you observe your style of inner motivation.

In part two, let’s get curious about momentum.

If we establish a baseline of momentum, it can carry us through those low motivation moments.

How do we do this?

You need a “why?” As Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor quoted in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” — “a man can survive any how if he has a why?”

Write out your why. What drew you to the field you are in now? Essentially, create your own mission statement. For the next step, it can be helpful to summarize your why into a mantra, phrase, or saying.

Dwell on your why. Find an object, place, or thing that you want to be an “earmark” throughout your day to remind you of your why. For example, maybe you’re a doctor, nurse, or health care provider, maybe you pick a point in your office, a pocket on your attire and every time you take that pen out of your pocket or touch that point in your office — you remind yourself of your why. Maybe you’re a teacher, lawyer, veterinarian, first responder, interior decorator, whatever you do, wherever you are, pick a point in your surroundings or something to carry with you to remind you of your why.

Written by: Catherine Virden

Originally published at on April 7, 2022.



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