A Better Version of Yourself

I have a personal question for you.

Do you believe that you are that kind of a person who allows past wounds and sensitivities to interrupt the best version of yourself?

Ouch! I know this question might seem sharp or even more wounding, but for dynamic personal development, it is a question of great value.

It is a valuable question because it challenges us to really tell ourselves the truth. We human beings are quite adept at adjusting our personal narratives to fit our internalized images, rather than our realities.

So, what is to be done about this?

Of course, working with a therapist is, in my opinion, the most efficient way to engage in work that leads you to the best version of yourself. However, you can do some preliminary work.

Ask yourself the question, am I willing to give up the comfort and familiarity of my inner story for something/someone better?

It is a risk/benefit decision. When we give up our narratives we risk the presumed peace of knowing ourselves for the benefit of having a more fruitful relationship with one’s self, with others and, if applicable, with God.

This process takes courage and a degree of grit.

It also helps to have a caring, capable person assist in navigating the pathways of a better version of self. Again, working with a therapist is often the most productive way in which to meet one’s personal development goals.

A better version of yourself might be the best gift you can give yourself!

Written by: Sheri Schulze

Originally published at https://growcounseling.com on July 11, 2022.



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